Why Denmark?



Live and Launch Your Start-up in Denmark

The #1 country for entrepreneurs in Europe

– GEDI 2015

The #1 country for business in the world

– Forbes 2015

Copenhagen is the world’s most liveable city

– Monocle 2014

Happiest country in the world

– World Happiness Report 2016

Acclaimed Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Denmark has a large network of public and private entrepreneur supporters, accelerators and incubators. You will have access to pitch competitions, investment funds, collaborative research centres and much more to unleash the potential of your start-up.

Outstanding Industry Clusters

Denmark is a hub for cutting-edge companies in a variety of industries. This includes some of the European Union’s top clusters regarding life science, ICT, design and clean-tech & sustainable energy.

A Gateway to the European Market

Linking continental Europe to Scandinavia, Denmark has a unique geographical location. This is facilitated by an excellent infrastructure that not only connects your start-up with 500 million European consumers, but also offers you the best IT infrastructure in Scandinavia.

Easy Interaction with the Public System

Dealing with Danish authorities, you experience one of the world’s most transparent public systems with virtually no corruption. Bureaucracy in business, government and the daily lives of Danes is very limited, and Denmark’s business regulation is known for its low level of red tape.

Top-level Liveability

Start-up Denmark is your gateway to one of the world’s richest countries and has a highly developed welfare system. As 86% of Danes speak English, communication ought to present no problems. Denmark also ranks as one of the world’s safest countries, offering an easy-going and sophisticated lifestyle.

Flexible Work Culture

Informal is the essence of Danish work culture. In fact, the Danes enjoy the best work like balance in the OECD. Dress is casual, work hours are flexible, and discussions are open. Danes take long holidays and prioritize time with friends and family, but also represent a highly productive and innovative work force.