You can apply for an extension of your residence and work permit, if the validity period of the permit is about to expire. An extension can be granted for up to three years at a time. Please note that it is your own responsibility to apply for an extension in due course. You must submit your application for an extension to the Danish Agency for International Recruitment before the expiry date of your current residence and work permit, even if the expert panel has not yet finalised its evaluation of your progress report. Below, you can read more about how to apply for an extension and the criteria and conditions.

How to apply for extension

To apply for an extension, you must submit a progress report describing the development of your startup. The progress of the company must be approved, before you can be granted an extension. There are four steps:

1. Download progress report form

Download the progress report form here

2. Write progress report

Fill out the form to give an overview of the progress of your start-up company.

3. Submit progress report

The report is evaluated by a representative of the expert panel according to the principles described below. You will typically be notified about the outcome within four weeks of submission. Send the progress report and relevant documentation to startupdenmark@erst.dk.

4. Apply for extension

If the progress of the company is approved by the expert panel, you are entitled to apply for an extension of residence and work permit at the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration.

How is my progress report evaluated?

Your progress report is evaluated by a representative of the Start-up Denmark expert panel. The evaluation is based on four criteria each of which are given a score from 1 lowest to 5 highest (the scale is explained in detail below). There are three outcomes:

Average at least 3.0

If you score an average of at least 3.0, your progress report demonstrates the development of your company in a clear and convincing way and thus provides grounds for continued business in Denmark. Therefore, you will receive an approval letter which entitles you to apply for an extension of your residence and work permit at the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration.

Average below 3.0

If you score an average below 3.0, your progress report very clearly demonstrates an unsatisfactory development of your company and thus there is no ground for continued business in Denmark. You will therefore receive a rejection letter. In this case you are not entitled to apply for the extension of your residence and work permit at the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration.

Lack of clarity of or ambiguity

If your progress report is substantially unclear or ambiguous, the expert panel representative cannot finalise the evaluation based on the report alone. Therefore, you are called to an interview as part of the evaluation. The expert panel will finalise its evaluation after the interview.

Complain against rejection of extension

It is possible to complain against the rejection of your progress report to the Danish Business Authority. A representative of the Start-up Denmark expert panel, who was not involved in the original evaluation of your progress report, will be selected to reassess your case.

You will receive instructions on how to file a complaint, if your progress report is rejected.

Extension criteria

Your progress report is evaluated according to four criteria. Click on each criterion to see what we are looking for.

1. Performance: What level of performance does the company’s track record show?

Continued residence for the founder(s) partly depends on how the company has performed while based in Denmark. The expert panel representative reviews the company’s past performance in terms of product development, technological achievements, go-to-market activities, turnover and profits.

Grading scale

5: Very strong performance

4: Strong performance

3: Fair performance

2: Weak performance

1: Very weak performance

2. Potential: What is the company’s commercial potential?

The company should continue to represent a reasonable potential for large-scale commercial success in order to support continued residence. Looking ahead, the expert panel representative considers the company’s development phase, financial foundation, human resources, pipeline, upcoming milestones and the viability and applicability of its core technology or main product.

Grading scale

5. Very high potential

4. High potential

3. Fair potential

2. Low potential

1. Very low potential

3. Consistency: To what extent does the company comply with its original business plan?

By and large, the company’s actual development should be consistent with its original business plan. Allowing reasonable moderations and taking into account the nature of the company’s product or service, the expert panel representative evaluates the degree of consistency with the original business plan.

Grading scale

5. Completely consistent

4. Largely consistent

3. Generally consistent

2. Largely inconsistent

1. Completely inconsistent

4. Recommendation: Can continued residence for the founder(s) of the company be recommended under the Start-up Denmark scheme?

Start-up Denmark aims to attract and retain entrepreneurs with a clear and credible potential for economic growth and the ability to bring ideas, network and knowledge to Denmark. Hence, the expert panel representative estimates to what extent the founder(s) contribute to this end. The score sums up the representative’s impression of the case provided by the founder(s) seen as a whole.

Grading scale

5. Exceptionally convincing case – very strong recommendation

4. Clearly convincing case – strong recommendation

3. Generally convincing case – standard recommendation

2. Moderately unconvincing case – limited recommendation

1. Essentially unconvincing case – no recommendation

For more information about the extension process, please visit our FAQ or contact startupdenmark@erst.dk